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There are many advantages to switching to writing lesson plans and saving them on your computer. With Lesson Planner there are even more advantages.


Also look at a few cool ways you can use Lesson Planner Advanced in your lessons.


See how using Lesson Planner can benefit you and your school or university...


• save time entering lesson plan content, even copy and paste between another program and Lesson Planner or use one of your saved plans and duplicate it.

• use the time saved being more productive, spend time teaching!

• become more organised, have all your lesson plans stored in one place and find them quickly

• store all your digital lesson resources in one place and access them during your lesson with a double click

• astonish OFSTED inspectors with the power and professionalism Lesson Planner will bring to your planning

• generate income for your school or university by reselling Lesson Planner to your teachers or students

• share all your schools lesson plans over your network. Draw inspiration from the plans of others, keep a check on the state of your curriculum planning

• use the integrated spell checker to make sure your lesson plans are accurate

• view plans and resources as a list or individually

• includes powerful search and sort capabilities

• faster, more reliable and has more features than internet based lesson planning systems

• add unlimited subjects to Lesson Planner, a real boon for teachers who teach more than one subject

• include a vast number of lesson plans, Lesson Planner can store more than 64 quadrillion plans or 8000 Gigabytes of data!

• add or edit learning strategies that are specific to each subject, for example English can have one set of strategies whilst maths can have a different set

• add or edit subject specific differentiation strategies that work in exactly the same way as learning strategies

• includes comprehensive lesson evaluation as for every lesson, evaluation topics can be edited as necessary

• have Lesson Planner modified to suit your needs, we can deliver a truly bespoke solution that includes your logo or other extras

• install the networked version of Lesson Planner and give all your staff access to the same database from anywhere in your school or university, even create or edit lesson plans online from your own home!

• works on Mac (OSX) & Windows (XP & Vista) systems.


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Lesson Planner Advantages

• save time by using your computer to create and store lesson plans.


• be more productive by spending less of your valuable time writing lesson plans, duplicating work or looking for lesson plans and resources and spend more time focusing on other tasks such as teaching.


Check out a few cool ways you can use Lesson Planner Advanced in your lessons.


Try the demo version of Lesson Planner and Lesson Planner Advanced by clicking here.